Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

You Are Not Alone

Often times our world can feel small, as if we’re the only ones going through what we are going through.

But the truth is, we are not alone. There are others who feel similar.

I’ve often felt alone and lost, trying to navigate the seas myself. (hence this blog & video).

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As an example, I’ll share two (of the many) roles I fill in my life, where reaching out to connect with others helped me on my journey…

Being a ‘solopreneur’ (one mermaid show) it can feel overwhelming at times, trying to figure it all out. But by connecting with other entrepreneurs, I’ve found I am not alone.

It’s relieving to hear shared stories with the same struggles, where we can laugh and grow together, because it’s all part of the journey of learning as we go.

Being a stepmom, it is very rewarding, but also sometimes confusing as well- trying to understand my role, and where I fit in (what to do, what not to do).

By reaching out to other step moms, I realized I am not alone. I also learned a lot of things I was taking personally, are just normal behavior. That alone took a weight off my heart, and led me to greater understanding and peace.

As I’d read stories shared in these groups, comments such as ‘Thank you for sharing! I feel less alone.” and “I thought I was the only one.” often followed. Can you hear the sighs of relief?

So, if you feel at a wits end, like no one gets you or understands how you feel or what you are going through- REACH OUT.

There is a sea sister or brother out there who feels similar to you. Maybe that’s a friend, maybe it’s a support group, maybe it’s an online community such as a Facebook group or page. Just know you don’t have to go it alone or figure it out alone.

When we share our stories- we connect.

When we listen to stories- we connect.

Talking story makes us feel less alone.

So, share your stories, and, be open to other people’s stories. Perhaps it is a story to help you relate, or for another to relate.

We are all in this together, and not matter how alone we may feel at times… we are truly never alone.

Oceans of Love & Connecting Stories,

Bobbie Jo (BJ)