Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

You Are Enough

This blog/ poem was inspired by my search for my massage school transcripts. Who knew it would lead to a life coaching lesson. It almost cost me $15, but in the end was free… because I finally found it (in another box). The lesson/ reminder in the first box makes me grateful I opened that one first.

Enjoy and may it inspire you to know.. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

If you were born, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

If you are reading this, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Just being you, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

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Searching high and low
for a paper credential.
Who knew it would lead
to tears raining torrential!

It was in the box
I had just opened,
where that paper to be found
I was sure hoping!

But when it wasn’t
and the items I put back inside,
it was my baby blanket
that I held and cried.

It reminded me
that family was excited
to finally with me
be joyously united!

That this was made
especially for me
with the anticipation
that me they would finally see!

Only wanting to hold me,
see my fingers and toes,
hug me so tightly,
kiss my forehead and nose.

I didn’t need to do anything,
not any old stuff!
Just simply being me
was always enough.

I wept and wept
for then it I got.
See, this life stuff
consumed my head and I forgot-

That I AM enough.
I don’t need accolades to count.
Or titles and accomplishments
to stack up and surmount.

Just me.
Breathe in, breathe out.
That I am enough
without a doubt.

This message I share
in hopes you get it too.

Oceans of Love & Enough-ness,

Bobbie Jo (BJ)