Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

With All Your Heart

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I’m not getting paid to do this…

That’s not in my job description

Not my problem…

Good enough…

Or Even..

What will they think of me?

What if it’s not good enough??

We’ve all been there.

Bypassed opportunities to help. Let things slide. Not given it our all. Stopped out of fear.

One day, while thrift shopping, a surfboard chalkboard caught my eye (mermaids ya know!).

I noticed faint chalk etchings that had been previously erased that read:

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.”

Whatever you do. ALL your heart. As for the Divine vs people.

Living from the place of Divinity. Seeing our Connection vs separation. In all moments and ALL things.

We are all CONNECTED. We need to remember this. See past the dollar. Past the ‘me’. Seeing our Divine connection and UNITY.

So find the Divine in ALL your doings. The big, the small, anything at all… how can you work at it with ALL YOUR HEART?

Oceans of Love, Divinity & All Your HEART,
Bobbie Jo (BJ)

Connect to your heart with our guided Open Heart iOm meditation:

(Beautiful background music and waves by the talented Christopher Lloyd Clarke.  Mahalo!)