Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

Trust Yourself

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Why is it that we question ourselves so much,
yet take the opinion of another as truth?
As more valid that what we thought or felt?

Why do we place more power outside ourselves
rather than feel our own empowerment,
and own that sense of truth?

Why are we always searching and seeking
for something ‘out there,’
when all we need to do is connect and look within?

These are questions I ask
not only you, but myself.
As I too have looked outside.
Listened outside.
Trusted outside.

And I’ve found that what I knew
would have lead me to where I wanted to be,
what was meant to be,
much sooner- if only… I listened.

So I ask… what is it you know?
What is it you feel inside?
What is your truth?
And… how can you listen, and

This Mermaid Monday was inspired by my orchid.

I was gifted a beautiful orchid plant on my 40th birthday.

For TWO YEARS it bloomed NONSTOP…

under my care.

Now, I’ve never had a green thumb and most plants I’ve tried to have didn’t last long.

This one was like a miracle! It was so beautiful. And alive!

I didn’t know that it was not normal for it to bloom so much, as this was my first orchid.

I simply followed what it said to do, placing in a few ice cubes in it’s pot and making sure it was in some sunshine.

When it appeared to be outgrowing it’s container…(which I later learned were it’s air roots), I looked up what online what to do.

In my searching I found that orchids are ‘touchy’ plants, and not trusting myself with trying to give it what I thought it might need, I looked outside.

I went to a a greenhouse to talk with the plant expert, who when I told him about it’s never ending blooming, was astounded by this, and my only feeding it of ice.

He said I needed to give it plant food immediately, and what type of potting material it needed.

When I stopped at another store to get the food, I got the same response from those plant experts…

That my results were not typical. That the orchid needed proper care. That it wasn’t normal to bloom that much, and it needs nutrients to bloom.

Not trusting myself nor the orchid (and it’s already healthy constant blooming), I followed the directions I had been given by those whose opinion I valued more than my own and my plants truth, and I did as they said.

What happened?

My beautiful orchid slowly stopped blooming and then started dying.

During this time of it’s decline, I had a dream where the orchid asked me for energy work (seeing myself placing my hands around the plant for an energy session, and after- it blooming to life again).

I thought about this when I walked past my dying plant, and one day I did do what I dreamt, giving it an energy session. And lo and behold, it began to form buds again and a bloom.

Yet, I didn’t continue listening to my inner voice and the plant. I didn’t make the time to hold space for it, and connect and listen and follow the divine wisdom both from within, and my plant. 

Instead, I carried on with the expert care advice I had been given.

Until… it died.

The moral of this story? By not listening to myself (nor my wise plant) I killed it. Because I trusted those who I believed knew more in this department. After all, this wasn’t my area of expertise, it was theirs.

But you see, in this world not everything is black and white.

It’s not all about who holds the so-called knowledge and experience, it’s about trusting.

Trusting that little voice.

Trusting the Divine wisdom that is whispered in your heart.

Trusting yourself.

Oceans of Love & Trusting Yourself,

Bobbie Jo (BJ) / Kapa Kai

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