Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

Trust the Process

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We all change.
We all grow.
There will be times
we just don’t know…

What is next?
What are we headed for?
You end up crawling through a window
when you thought you’d go through the door.

See, life is a journey
with many twists and turns.
It is not a straight line,
it has many curves to learn.

But if we trust
and allow it to flow…
we can be amazed
at all the places we go.

For the caterpillar
trusts the process of the cocoon,
not realizing it will awake
as a butterfly soon.

So if you feel you’re crawling,
worry yourself not.
For within you too
wings you’ve got!

Trust your transformational process.
Let your journey unfold.
For it is yours, and yours only.
Live it beautiful. Live it bold.

Oceans of Love and Trust,
Bobbie Jo (BJ)

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