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Swimming Without Legs

While in Hawaii, I had the opportunity to swim as a mermaid. It sounded so magical. I had dreams about it before I arrived. I saw myself frolicking in the water with freedom and ease, a pure natural. I had grace, I had speed, I had finesse!

Then came my moment… no longer a dream, but a reality as I sat on the edge of the boat with my tail hanging off the side. ‘Are you ready?,’ I was asked, before being dropped into the sea.

I looked down at the ocean I had just finished snorkeling in with the wild spinner dolphins. I saw how deep it was, no touching bottom here. No reaching for the sides, we’re in the middle of the ocean!

Was I ready? My mind said, no! This is insane! You can’t move your legs. How will you swim?

But my spirit trusted. I didn’t come this far to chicken out. Besides, I had a real mermaid waiting in the water to catch me, so I surely wouldn’t drown if I couldn’t swim. I’d just be escorted safely back to the boat… so what did I have to lose?

Mermaids away! SPLASH! I was in. Anxiously reaching for Dana (my mermaid mentor), but with a smile on my face. Now how DO I swim with this tail I asked? Just like a dolphin, she explained.

Mermaid Bobbie Jo
Photo (and mermaidification) by: Dana Mermaid.

There were moments where I was natural, and playful and laughing away. A real mermaid!! Then, there were times I struggled, taking in salt water and looking for something to hold.

What was the difference in these moments?

In the FUN ones, I let go. I trusted. I just WAS.

In the frantic moments, I was THINKING (over-thinking) and TRYING… trying to swim, trying to be, trying to relax.

It was in the letting go, and simply BE-ing that I was free! Free like a dolphin in the sea. Splashing my tail. Diving into the ocean and spinning around with a big smile on my face. FREE!

It was in the thinking and trying that I struggled. Even in the trying to relax… the trying trumped the relaxing.

Where in life can you let go, and trust the flow? I’d love to hear, please share by leaving a comment below.

It is in the moments we TRUST that life is truly magical.

Oceans of love, trust & fun,
Bobbie Jo

p.s. If you want to swim with a tail, too… check out It is an amazing experience!