Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

Start Small

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Even the Taj Mahal
started small.
It took a while
to build it all.

But, just as with anything
you need to start.
Build from the ground up,
one piece, one part.

Don’t overwhelm yourself
with the big picture you desire,
for if you try to do it all at once
too soon you may tire.

Sure, see your grandiose vision
then break it down into steps- small.
Then one by one
you slowly build them all.

This is a great reminder that I often need as well.

Many times I can see the ‘bigger picture’ and get so excited, but then can become overwhelmed with the large task and it can lead to feeling stuck, not starting or never feeling ‘ready.’

But one thing I’ve found, is when you ‘chunk it down’ it not only makes it easier for you to do and create, but is also the steps necessary for others to learn to.

When I create courses I have to remind myself of where I started, and share the building blocks. The learning process.

When we go to school, we learn the fundamentals and build. People don’t become a doctor, an architect, a teacher, an anything in one day. Start small and grow.

So what are you building, creating, or doing? It can be a business project, or a home project, or just about anything.

Don’t get lost in overwhelm. Anything can be broken down into small action steps. This way you actually take the steps and reach the destination, rather than looking at the mountain you want to climb and think ‘how will I ever make it waaaay up there?’

You’ve got this! Small steps make great progress.

Oceans of Love & Starting Small,

Bobbie Jo (BJ)