Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

Slow Down

For this week’s minute I share a poem I wrote when I was younger that relays the message of slowing down.

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Take Time

So many people rush
to get things done,
and sometimes I catch myself
in the race to be number one.

But we seem to forget
how short life can be,
and how what we take for granted
tomorrow may no longer be.

I know in this world
we cannot stop all we do
I only ask you take time to appreciate
all that has meaning to you.

I wrote this long, long ago… but it is a reminder for me each and every day.

Living in this world of go, go. go. Create, create, create. Perform, perform, perform. Be, be, be (and not the ‘just be’ but be- something!) …

We need to pause, take a breathe and remember to slow down. To be here now, and embrace what really matters.

So, ask yourself: what is it that matters to you? Are you enjoying your time? Or are you so caught up in the race to be number one (aka ‘accomplish more mode’)?

It is normal to get caught up in the externals of life, but it is inherent that we have the remembrance to bring ourselves back to what really does matter and slowing our minds and bodies enough to really breathe it all in.

Take time to slow down some today, to breathe in the beauty around you!

Oceans of Love & Slowing Down,

Bobbie Jo (BJ)