Seven C’s Online Course

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Welcome to your Inner Ocean Chakra Journey! Grab your snorkel and swim into Unit 1 below for your official welcome aboard! I'll sea you there! ~BJ (Note: Once you log in and hit enter, simply 'refresh' the page to access materials)
Module 1 Body: Toes in the Sand
Discover what Chakras are, and DIVE IN to Explore Chakras One, Two and Three.
Unit 1 Welcome and Course Materials
Unit 2 What are Chakras?
Unit 3 Chakra One
Unit 4 Chakra Two
Unit 5 Chakra Three
Module 2 Mind: Stepping into the Water
Explore Chakra Four, bridging body and spirit.
Unit 1 Chakra Four
Module 3 Spirit: Diving into the Divine
Explore Chakras Five, Six and Seven.
Unit 1 Chakra Five
Unit 2 Chakra Six
Unit 3 Chakra Seven
Unit 4 All Chakras
Unit 5 Bonus Tips and Thank You
Unit 6 Seven C's Evaluation