Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

Ride the Wave

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There are many waves in life
some that bring us treasures, and some that smack us down
Many times we ride more on the struggles
or at least that’s what I’ve found

For the ones bearing treasures
we tend to smile, then think ‘this can’t last long
surely I must ready myself for the next rough wave
so it doesn’t knock me down to drown’

But what if we paddled out to the good one?
Jumped on our boards and rode!
Breathing in it’s sweet salty goodness,
stopping the negative chatter we ourselves told

And embraced the pure joy
of this magical wave ride
Not worrying about it’s unfolding,
just taking it all in moments and stride.

For life ebbs and flows
and we can focus where we chose
Some focus on the bliss
and some on going to surely lose.

So, look at the wave you’re riding
Is it bearing treasures or wearing you out?
You pick the wave you ride
to which one will you paddle your board out?

Oceans of Love & Riding the Good Waves,
Bobbie Jo (BJ)