Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

Releasing Weeds and Planting Seeds

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Spring is a beautiful time,
new life begins to grow.

The grass starts to green
now relieved of it’s cover of snow.

The bird’s songs fill the air
as they fly about without a care.

People seem filled with joy and laughter
as nature boosts a happily ever after.

It’s also a time to sow our seeds,
tending a garden to fill our needs.

To weed and ready to sow
all the nutrients we wish to grow.

It’s also a time to reflect
on what we personally want to beget.

What no longer serves to release free,
and to step in to what we wish to be.

Let go of your mind’s weeds
and plant your desire seeds.

Nurture them and give them room.
Then watch and be open for their bloom.

Oceans of Love & Blooming Seeds,
Bobbie Jo (BJ)


Dive into Spring with our guided iOm meditation to Release Your Weeds & Plant Your Seeds:

(Beautiful background waves and birds by the talented Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Mahalo!)