Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

Release the Restrictions of Your Mind

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We all dream.
We all desire.
We all have
an inner fire.

We get excited!
We see what could be.
But then sets in
our head reality.

‘You can’t do that!
You can’t be what you want.
You want to what??
I think not!’

But you see its beyond
this self imposed wall
that we’ve put in place
and set so tall,

that all our wants
and our desires reside.
All we need to do
is get to the other side.

So take a deep breath,
and look at the wall.
Feel your power within
and see it appear not so tall.

For you can climb it
or you can take it down,
or see it fade away
as if it were never around.

Just simply believe
in who you are.
Connect with your depths.
You are ocean, you are stars.

Release all limiting beliefs.
Release the restrictions of your mind
and within you your I AM power
you will find.

You are beyond this wall.
You are what you desire.
You are capable of creating
what’s inside your inner fire.

Oceans of Love & beyond your wall,
Bobbie Jo (BJ)

Take down your wall with our guided iOm meditation to Release the Restrictions of Your Mind:

(Beautiful ocean waves by the talented Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Mahalo!)

This one goes deep, as our limiting beliefs can be quite rooted. Take the time to journal if you need more beyond the guided meditation- let your pen hit the paper! Let it flow and let them go!

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  1. JUST what I needed today! Thank you for so poetically pushing me over the wall!

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