Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

Really Listen

Do you listen? Do you really listen?

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Many times we may think we are listening, when actually we are just waiting for our turn to speak (pre-thinking and planning our responses), or already have decided on what our actions will be regardless of another’s requests.

In my massage practice, I’ve had countless clients thank me for ‘really listening.’

They’ve shared how other therapists seemed to listen, but once in the session, followed their routines rather than giving their sore shoulders the extra time and attention they requested.

In our healing arts practice, or any profession for that manner, we have the opportunity to truly serve our clients by really listening to their individual needs and customizing our services to meet those needs, or point them in the direction of what can truly benefit them.

Actual listening is not only important in our professional life, but in our personal life as well.

Listening shows respect and understanding in all our relationships.

After all, we all just want to be heard.

If you are someone who has a hard time focusing on listening, here is a great tool I have learned: it is called Voice Mirroring.

How it works, is that you silently repeat in your mind what the other person is saying as they say it.

It’s kind of like how a mantra helps you meditate- their words are your ‘listening mantra.’

It makes sure your mind is only focused on what they are saying (rather than running through ideas of how you will respond or being distracted), and you are really hearing what they are trying to get across.

Then, when it is your turn to respond, you are more present and understanding of what they said and how they feel because you actually HEARD them!

Take time to practice this technique and see how it improves your listening skills.

Oceans of Love & Real Listening,

Bobbie Jo (BJ)