Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

Nurture Yourself

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In this world
that asks much of you
Making time for yourself
is something you must do

For if you give and give,
and give some more
You’ll have nothing left
from your cup to pour

So make the time
to nurture your soul
To read that book
or enjoy an ice cream bowl

Schedule that massage
or just take a nap
Give the silent button on your phone
a gentle ‘do not disturb’ tap

Sit and meditate
or walk in nature and breathe
Listen to your Spirit
and what it longs to receive

You deserve ‘me time’
don’t let your energy deplete
Fill up your cup
Kick up your feet

It’s okay to say no
when you have nothing more
or just need a break
to be and explore

Life goes too fast
What does your soul long to do
Listen. Nurture. Be.
Make the time for you.

Oceans of Love & Nurturing Yourself,
Bobbie Jo (BJ)