Morning Meditation Mistake

I typically start my day off with meditation. It’s the first thing I do upon awaking. However, yesterday morning was different. There was something I needed to respond to.

It was a message from the travel agent. We are last minute booking our honeymoon and options tend to go as fast as they come.

I debated on doing my meditation first, but my head said ‘NO, you need to take care of this. You can take a day off, this is important! You don’t want to miss an opportunity!’

I jumped out of bed. Responded to the message. Waited to hear back from the travel agent. Left messages for my husband at work.

I opened every internet window I could possibly fit on my screen and researched each location, review, and picture I could find on our now ‘last resorts available for waiting so long to book a vacation when EVERYONE is trying to go somewhere tropical.’

Anxiety. Fear. Pressure.

Will we pick the right one? Did I hold the right one? Should we just wait until next year? Why did we wait so long? Maybe we should have settled for one of the last options we were offered. The prices keep rising. Is this too much? Where else can we go? Will we even like these? Are they good? Are they still available?

I wondered: Where’s that girl who laughed, and said it was like being on a game show planning this late…”What did we win behind door number 3?” That girl who trusts everything happens for a reason and always works out.

She was gone, in a frenzy, in DEFINITE need of a vacation for sure!

It was then that I realized that the ‘THIS’ that was important, wasn’t holding the resort, it was taking the time to meditate.

Meditation is a must

Finally, I gave myself the ‘time-out’ I needed. I MEDITATED. And you know what, I was at peace. Not even fighting teenagers (‘sisterly love’ I like to call it) could send me back to this land of frenzy. Everything was okay.  MUCH BETTER.

And you know what, it was all okay. We booked a resort we would never have checked out. It looks and sounds absolutely amazing and we are very excited for it. It has everything we could imagine, and we will be there soon!

What a misuse of my day, aside from the valuable lesson which leads to the moral of this story…

Meditation is the way I start my day. Every day. Even before coffee.

Lots of things can get thrown at us in this world. It’s good to know what brings you back to your truth, back to you, back to the flow. For me, I find that connection through meditation.

How about you? Do you meditate? What is your morning ritual to start the day off right? We’d love to hear! Please share by leaving a comment below.

Oceans of Peace & Serenity,

Bobbie Jo