Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

Make Progress Not Perfection

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All too often I have stalled
at the passage of perfection.

Is it true? Is it false?
Reality or deflection?

See, so many times
we stop ourselves short-

Our dreams, our goals
we too soon abort.

For it’s not the destination,
but the journey that counts.

And those steps upon steps-
progress surmounts.

So look not at the mountain
you want to reach,

But relish in your footing-
feel the sands along the beach.

Take in the beauty around you.
Drink in the sweet air.

And soon you will look up
and see you are there!

And yet you do not stop,
for that is not what it’s abou.t

For there will be waiting more journeys,
too many to count.

Make progress not perfection
Enjoy the journey in each step
For life’s greatest moments
Are in the present kept

Oceans of Love & Presence,
Bobbie Jo (BJ)

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