Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

Look at Your Fears

What are you afraid of?

Not ‘life threatening’ fears- where your life is literally in danger, but the ‘what if’ fears that are really:

False Evidence Appearing Real, that makes you want to Forget Everything And Run away.

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A ‘small’ example for me, is my fear of spiders.

When I see one, I ask myself, “What are you truly afraid of? Do you think this little guy (or gal) is going to attack you?” When in reality this lil spider is looking at me, thinking ‘Oh no… huge human! Could squash me in a blink! If I don’t move maybe she won’t see me.’

So what is it that scares you? Is it starting your own business? Is it making a phone call? Is it speaking your truth?

Whatever your fear is, take a closer look at it.

Ask yourself: Is this fear real? Is it something that could really happen? If it IS something that could happen, what would that be, and would it truly be the worst?

If you don’t face your fear, will you feel fulfilled and happy, or will you always wonder ‘what if..’

What if can go both ways here. Holding you in the fear of not moving forward (What if THIS happens or that??), or in a constant state of regret (I wonder what if I did do that?).

Look your fear in the eyes, see it for what it really is, then act from a place of love… Face Everything And Rise above!

Have you looked your fear in the eyes to see it for what it really is? Did you take inspired action? What did you find?

Oceans of Love & Faced Fears,

Bobbie Jo (BJ)