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This crazy little ride called life is short, yet we often treat it as if it goes on forever.

Until, someone we love is taken away- then we reflect on the plans we left unendeavored.

I’ve seen way too many people get taken far too soon.

Yet, shortly thereafter can take for granted my numbered trips around the moon.

We must remember each day is a gift- to love, follow our heart and our dreams allow.

For, there are no guarantees on out time- truly our moment to live is NOW.

As I write this, I have just been notified of another life taken far too soon. It amazes me how we (myself included) take life so for granted. Each day we treat as if we are guaranteed the next. We put plans off to another day. Put ideas off to another day. Put calls off to another day. Put our dreams off to another day.

While we must plan for the future, we must also live in the moment.

My older brother died just before his 25th birthday. When I reached age 25 it blew me away how young that was, and I wondered why I was blessed with more years than him.

I have witnessed countless passings, unexpected passings, young passings… and in those moments get taken back at how short and precious this gift of life is. How important NOW is. How later is not guaranteed. How THIS is the moment to be, do, create, love, be who you are.

May this be the message. May this be the moment that we all get it and keep getting it. To not forget that this minute is precious. To not forget to say I love you. To remember to love as fully as we can.

Oceans of Love & Living NOW,

Bobbie Jo (BJ)