Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

Listen to Your Intuition

There’s a soft, little voice that whispers to your soul

You must quiet your mind if it’s secrets you wish to know

Every question that you have, you hold the answer within

Just ask, then let go and patiently listen in

The soft little voice will answer, it’s your intuition

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We’ve been gifted with a great wisdom within us.

The only problem is we’ve lost our connection with it.

How? When we don’t take time to still ourselves and center, we can’t hear it.

We become consumed with the ‘reality’ around us, and the business of life.

We give our power away looking for answers to come from outside ourselves.

We ask others for their opinions, thoughts and advice.

We want a crystal ball to tell us what job to take, if we should stay in a relationship, will we be successful, what should we do with our life?

The whole time our intuition is there, gently (trying) to guide us, if we’d only listen.

Taking time to reconnect to yourself and stillness helps restore this connection.

Being present and mindful, meditating, journaling, following your breath, and taking time to get outside and connect with nature are all things that can help you tap back into your intuition.

And remember, as you listen for your intuition, it doesn’t always give you the answer you think you want. Often times it has a much better plan for us than we can see at the time.

Be open. Still yourself and listen. Connect with your intuition.

Oceans of Love & Intuition,

Bobbie Jo (BJ)