Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

Listen to Your Body

Your body is talking. But, are you listening?

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When it tells you to get up and stretch, do you? Or, do you stay seated at your desk working because you have so much work to do!

When it asks for food and nourishment, do you respond? Or say, later- I’m busy now! Or, just quickly shove seomthing in to quiet it for a while.

When it says I’m tired, please may we rest? Do you take heed and stop, or push forward longer?

When it says, breathe deep- I need air and peace! Do you take a break to center, or keep your current pace?

When it says I need exercise, do you make the time? Or brush it off to another day?

When it says I need touch, do you schedule a massage, ask for a hug, or embrace yourself? Or just ignore it?

Our body is our vehicle in this world. It carries us to explore and aids us in our expression. Just as we must listen to our cars: fill them up when out of gas, wash them to prevent rust, and maintain them to keep carrying us along- so too must we listen to our bodies.

Pay attention to what yours is asking, and how you respond.

Oceans of Love & Listening to your body,

Bobbie Jo (BJ)