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Lighthouse Faith

There was a day when I felt like a sailor without a compass in the middle of the sea, gazing out at the deep blue in all directions, not knowing which way to point my sail.

We all have these days from time to time, and for me the best way to get clear, reconnected and find my map is to go to the water.

So that is exactly what I did. I approached my peaceful ‘local ocean’ which customarily offers me varying blue waves of insight that stretch on forever until it kisses the skyline, only to find it wrapped in a blanket of fog.

My ocean of clarity had been erased, and nothing but a white canvas remained.

Still I walked her velvety sands, burrowing my feet in deeper with every step, to feel the cool embrace.

My eyes surveyed the waterscape, searching for any trace of my blue guide, but turned up only the mysterious shield that refused to pull back or give way.

Even the lighthouse, which graciously offers sailors a beacon of light to guide them, had been erased. My eyes kept straining in the direction it always stood. Then… like a sailor lost at sea for months gazing upon his first sighting of land, my heart lit up as I saw it slyly peeking through.

Lighthouse Faith

Cleverly hidden, and difficult to see, but certainly there. And that is when I heard my message I was there to receive:

“Faith is when you can’t quite see it- but you know it’s there.”

My beacon of light. My clarity. My map. My compass. My insight. My answer.

Even on the foggiest of days, you can still find what you are looking for. It just takes a little faith.

Where have you found your ‘lighthouse’ of faith on foggy days? We’d love to hear, please share by leaving a comment below.

Oceans of blessings and faith,
Bobbie Jo