Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

Let Life Flow to You

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The stone does not struggle up river,
for it inherently knows-
fighting the current will not obtain it
for patience brings the water that flows.

So true is in life
and all we seek for.
Fighting currents, tides or waves
only exhaustion does bore.

But rather, if we step into the water
then patiently wait with trust
that the water will flow
and reveal itself to us.

Step into the water.
Step into life and believe.
Allow it to flow.
Allow yourself to receive.

Oceans of Love and Trusting the Flow,
Bobbie Jo (BJ)

Get in the Flow with our guided iOm meditation to Let Life Flow To You:

(Beautiful background birds by the talented Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Mahalo! Extra birds and flowing water, compliments of my backyard. 🙂 )

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