Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

Let Go

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Nature gets it.
It lets go.
Trees grow leaves,
then drop them before the snow.

Bushes grow flowers.
Then gardeners trim them down.
The winter turns to spring
and bushes regain their flowery crown.

So why do we struggle
with letting things go?
Hanging on for dear life,
not trusting what nature does know.

We can feel our leaves change,
no longer green and full of life.
Yet we grasp them with our fists
creating an inner strife.

But if we trusted life’s flow
and let our fist open up,
we’d know that our fingers won’t stay empty
for new life will fill them up.

So what is it you’re holding
that is time to gently let go?
Letting your heart trust
what your spirit already knows.

For leaves grow back.
Bushes get more flowers.
Whatever we need to prune
will grow new life that empowers.

So what used to define you
that defines you no more?
Remember they are just leaves
and you remain whole at the core.

And once you let go
new life can prepare to bloom.
So breathe and release your leaves
and prepare for new beauty coming soon.

Oceans of Love & Letting Go,
Bobbie Jo (BJ)