Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

Let Go of Resistance

Life is a series of changes and transformations…

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If the seashore resisted the changing tides, it would find itself in an unbearable struggle.

But, the seashore remains open, and allows the waves to transform it, creating beautiful lines and receiving unsolicited treasures.

Many times in life we put up resistance to change, making this inevitable process an unnecessary battle.

If we remain open as the shore, we too could reap the gifts and beauty.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross said it wonderfully:

If you shield the mountain from the windstorms, you’ll never see the beauty of the carvings.

So, do not view the winds of change in your life as a force trying to knock you down, but rather as something opening you up to greater blessings and grace.

Do Not Block The Wind


Oceans of Love & Magical Winds,

Bobbie Jo (BJ)