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Kids Made Me Cry

Last month, on World Oceans Day, my husband and I went to the beach to celebrate the sea and clean our local shoreline along Lake Michigan. I decided to bring a bag of small seashells with me, inspired to spread the message of the day with anyone we met along our journey.

At one location, we came across a family with children. I decided to walk over and explain to them about the day and what we were doing. The parents did not speak English, however, the kids did.

The older boy echoed my words ‘World Oceans Day’ inquisitively. We had a beautiful conversation about the grand ocean, and our water connectivity. Happily, I offered him a seashell to take in celebration of the sea. I also told him his family could select their own treasures to keep as well.

He proceeded to translate my words and offering to his mother. His brothers and sisters anxiously awaited their mother’s approval. Big smiles came to all our faces, as understanding and gratitude flowed, and seashell gifts were happily accepted by all (mom included!).

Handful of seashells
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It was the most beautiful moment. OCEAN is a universal language, and a bond we all share. There was so much Aloha in each smile we exchanged, and in the joy of holding onto their new treasures. No words were necessary.

When I got back in the car with my husband, I must admit, I cried. Tears of joy, tears of happiness, tears of Aloha. THIS is what life is about. Love and unity.

Throughout the day, it was so fun to watch how the adults seemingly transformed into that place of magical childhood as they picked their shells. The sea holds so much, if we just take the time to let in her magic and remember our truth (and our youth!).

It is so wonderful to know, these shells may carry that magic with them, every time they are gazed upon and these moments are remembered. A message of the sea, to respect and care for her, to find your joy, and share Aloha.

That, in a coconut shell, was my World Oceans Day. We cleaned the beach, admired the pelicans, and shared the spirit of the sea with our ocean family.

How did you celebrate World Oceans Day? What are the small shells you can hand out to connect to people in the world?

Oceans of Aloha and Magic of the Sea,
Bobbie Jo