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How is Your Foundation?

The other night I had a dream where I was traveling through California. The area was being hit with torrential down pours, and the weather report showed it was to continue for an extended length of time.

As we were hiking over muddy paths and roads, that were turning into rivers and washing the ground beneath away, the message that came through was: “It doesn’t matter if your house is made of the best brick, if your foundation is taken out, the whole thing goes.”

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Such a true and valid point. The FOUNDATION is what holds the structure up. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the home looks, what is underneath determines it’s ultimate strength.

A strong foundation is needed in every area of our life, and just like with homes, they can’t be neglected. We often work on ‘prettifying’ the exteriors, the parts that are seen- be it our homes, our yards, our offices, our websites, our personal wardrobe or presentation, etc.

What often goes overlooked (or forgotten) is the most important part, the foundation. We need to remember to inspect what we build everything on, and keep that ‘up to code.’

Be it business, relationships (significant other, family, friends, clients, colleagues, etc) yourself, your faith, and every area of life, how is YOUR foundation?

Meaning: The values you built it on. The beliefs you built it on. The passion you built it on. The love you built it on. The faith you built it on. Look at the CORE of your foundation, and consistently put some good time, communication and energy there to keep it solid.

A brick house is beautiful, but the foundation is what holds it up. How are your foundations? What are your processes of inspection and maintenance? I’d love to hear. Please share by leaving a comment below.

Oceans of love and strong foundations,
Bobbie Jo