Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

Ground Yourself

No, not the ‘grounding’ like you did something bad, and have to stay home and clean your room. But, grounding as in connecting and centering yourself.

In today’s day and age our head can feel like it is up in the clouds.

We give much to our work and our clients. We give much to our families. We multi-task all that we think needs accomplishing to keep on top of things.

In all this ‘doing’ we can feel uncentered and ungrounded.

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So how do we reconnect?

One great way to do so, is through meditation, where we become still and present.

This helps us feel grounded, centered, focused and connected.

The method shared in this week’s minute, is something different (although very meditative in and of itself). It is a simple technique that helps with the electrical state of your body.

Without going too deep into science, your body is made up of many different elements (you know you have cells, which contain atoms, which contain protons, neutrons and electrons).

We restore our body’s energy and needs through different sources (our food, water and so forth).

But what if you are still feeling drained? Perhaps you need more electrons, which are vital to your energy.

The technique? Grounding (also called ‘earthing).

That’s right. Literally grounding yourself to the earth.

The earth’s surface holds a frequency that pulsates through and contains a gentle negative charge.

Research shows that by going barefoot on the earth’s surface, we pull in necessary electrons to help restore those we lose throughout the day.

Earthing has been shown to help improve your body’s self-regulating and self-healing mechanisms.

As a massage therapist or bodyworker, when you place your hands on your client’s body, they may pull electrons out of yours to help heal their inflammation.

This can lead to you feeling tired and drained after your session or day, not knowing why.

When you connect to the earth with your bare feet it can help restore these vital electrons.

Grounding or earthing, is great for your health. It also helps you feel connected to nature and brings you into the present moment.

Kick off your flip flops, walk in the grass or on the beach, receive the electrons you need from Mother Earth, and allow yourself to connect to the present moment and feel a sense of peace.

Are you earthing? How has it made a difference for you? Please share with a comment below.

Oceans of Love & Bare Feet,

Bobbie Jo (BJ)