Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

Give it Your All

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Where do you play small
for fear of making a mistake?
Or shrink down
so someone else’s light you don’t take?

Or say you’re being modest
by not owning all you could be?
Or fear the unknown?
Or think ‘what if they won’t like me?’

But oh, how this life
is so short while we’re here
and we miss so much
if we succumb to our fear.

For if we try
and give it our all
we can find joy and laughter
and yes, there are times we will fall.

But those bumps and bruises
from the chances we do take
are what teach us and build character
as we create the life we want to make.

So experience this magical life.
Stop playing small.
Our time here is short
so give it your all!

And by shining your light,
you light up others more
and show them the way
for their own magic to explore.

So shine your light!
Go BIG not small.
Take those chances for your dreams
and give it your ALL!

Oceans of Love & Giving it Your All,
Bobbie Jo (BJ)

One thought on “Give it Your All

  1. Love ALL of this! ALL the words, ALL of the message, ALL the drawings, ALL the scenery! THANK YOU for sharing it ALL!

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