Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

Get Off Your Device and Into Your Life

Technology, a great tool, when used in moderation.

We’ve seemed to become dependent on these devices, our phones constantly at our side, computers at our immediate access, and remotes in hand.

What seems to have happened through all this convenience and easy internet connection… is we’ve lost the art of face to face in person- real life connection!

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Rather than leaving a comment or clicking a like, why not tell your friends how you feel in person, over lunch.

When sitting with family at the dinner table, or watching a movie together in the living room, why not leave your phones somewhere else.

I have to admit, I am grateful I grew up when I did, before we had such access to these devices.

Don’t get me wrong, I too can be guilty of these simple pleasures and constant scrolling to see what’s going on, but I love how I got to experience passing actual notes in class (you know the pen and paper kind), that I received stamped envelopes in the mail, that I played outside with my friends a TON.

I remember writing plays and acting them out, getting dirty in the mud, riding my bike… all without a cellphone (and no, I don’t regret not having ‘selfies’ to prove it, because I’ve got those stored in my heart).

So, I’m not saying get rid of your phones, computers or TV’s, I’m just saying BE PRESENT.

When you are spending time with people… put the phone down. Look people in the eye. REALLY COMMUNICATE. Don’t let it become a lost art, because it really is magical.

This crazy little ride called life is short. LIVE IT. Don’t miss opportunities to connect with your surroundings and loved ones. BE HERE NOW. Experience the moment.

So this week’s Mermaid Mission: Unplug from Technology, and PLUG INTO LIFE!

Until next time… Stay Salty & Keep Swimming!

Oceans of Love & In Person Connection,

Bobbie Jo (BJ)