Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

Follow the Whispers

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The Divine gives you clues
as to where to go and what to do
But you must listen intently
for they are whispered to you

So if it is too loud
and you frantically go about
feeling lost and unsure
wanting the answer to shout

Take a deep breath
and take the present moment in
Don’t force, don’t search
just simply be and listen

Listen ever so closely
for in the wind the answer sometimes blows
It can be soft and fleeting
so do listen close

You will hear it softly
it will be subtle and faint
but if you follow it
a magnificent picture it will paint

Listen to the whisper
and follow it’s clues
whenever you wonder
‘What shall I do?’

For one thing I’ve learned
and learn again each time I’m fanatical
is when you follow the whispers of the Divine
life is truly magical!