Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

Explore Your Dreams

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What do you dream?
What lights up your soul?
Is it something you would do?
Or somewhere you would go?

What brings you great joy?
What inspires your spirit?
Is is something you keep secret?
Or do you let others see or hear it?

Do you bring it to light?
Or save it for a rainy day?
Is it something you pursue?
Or do you tuck it away?

How would you feel,
if you followed your heart?
Went to that destination
or created your art?

See, there’s something in you
that’s been put especially there.
It’s your unique expression,
for you to share.


If you have a dream, a passion- don’t ignore it… EXPLORE IT!

Oceans of Love & Exploring Your Dreams,

Bobbie Jo (BJ)