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Everything Happens for a… Cat

The old adage goes: “Everything happens for a reason.”

Now, mind you I am usually quite in tune with this philosophy.

Most of the time I am fully aware there is a bigger picture I cannot see, to be patient and trust the truth there is indeed a reason, no matter how illogical it may seem at the time.

I’m even there to remind others of this fascinating fact when they are in a frenzy.

However, I am human, and I do have the occasional ‘amnesia’ to this whole reason business.

This recently happened as I was on my 45-minute commute to my office.

I live in the country, and the highway I travel to the city is lined with farms. (You can only imagine where this is leading.)

As I was smoothly flowing along the concrete sea, I noticed the wake of a slow tractor putting along in the near distance.

I peered my eyes ahead, grateful there was no oncoming traffic, and I could easily pass this tug boat in my path.

Maneuvering around, I thought I was alas free to sail with the winds straight to my destination, but no.

A large semi-truck pulled out of the next intersection. (Obviously intentionally to disrupt my momentum.) It caused me to come to a near stop before I was allowed to slowly float along behind him.

My amnesic-self mumbled bleep-worthy words, wondering ‘WHY?! For the love, WHY?!’ There was no oncoming traffic, and there was plenty of time after me for him to pull out, causing no one to slow down. No one. (The tractor was even far enough back.)

With little else to do but follow this slow road blockade, and remember to just breathe… I saw THE REASON.

In front of the semi, still working it’s way to speed, a cat crossed the road.

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Then, I knew.

I gave thanks for the set backs. Gratitude for the tractor. Gratitude for the semi. Apologized for my momentary lack of connection and understanding. And came back to the truth. Back to myself. Back to the flow.

Had those events not slowed my course, that cat and I may have had an unhappy, unwanted meeting causing both our demise (his due to my vehicle, and mine due to the heaviest heart that I couldn’t even imagine).

Funny thing is, I had plenty of time. It was just that things weren’t flowing as I perceived they would on my journey. I didn’t understand why things happened as they did. I could see ways that (seemingly) made more sense, such as the semi waiting for me to pass the intersection.

But isn’t that really how it goes? There is always a much bigger picture than we are aware of. This served as a great reminder to let go and let God, even on every day commutes.

Whenever we navigate a little off course, we are always guided back. We just need to be open to receiving the messages.

Remember, everything happens for a reason. We are ALL connected.

Thank your tractors. Be patient with your semi’s.  And always, always look for your cats.

Oceans of Love & Connection (and happy, safe cats),

Bobbie Jo (BJ)