Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

Enjoy the Journey

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The destination is ahead, a few more steps to go…

Wait, a detour?!? Oh no! Oh no!

Someday I’ll get it together, I just have to put these ducks in a row.

Then, my life will take off- once I have it all clear to go!

What’s my vision? What’s my mission? So many questions I must know.

Once I answer them all, then my boat I shall row.

This is my goal! It’s full speed ahead!

Alas, I’m so tired… I can barely get out of bed.

Future, future, future. It’s great to pursue where you want to be.

But, the only moment is here and now- so, breathe and enjoy the journey.

So many times we are focused on where we want to be and where we want to go. Trying to clarify our direction and make the right moves to get there. We put all our attention and effort on the end result, the destination.

But, the truth is, the only time is now. This moment. Right here. And, the destination always changes. We never fully arrive, because when we arrive at one, we’re usually on a mission to the next, and the next.

The journey is what it is all about. The magic of the unfolding. The moments that make up our life.

It’s not the job. It’s not the perfect number of clients. It’s not the ideal vacation. It’s not the perfect website.

It’s the process. The journey. The self-discovery along the way.

The laughter, the tears, the hand-holding, the kisses, the connections, the rain, the sunshine, the flower blossoms, the kittens and the puppies, every little detail.

But, if we are so focused on arriving, we miss the journey. And there’s magic in the journey.

Be open to the destination. Point your sails, but feel the wind and waves as you go. Taste the sea spray. Watch the whales breach. Take it all in.

Oceans of Love & Joy in your Journey,

Bobbie Jo (BJ)