Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

Don’t Break Before You Bloom

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Those big dreams
you had
and took a few steps towards
then abandon so easily
based on another’s words
or your own thoughts
the doubts that seep in
swaying your heart
to change
A new direction
or a long pause
an empty feeling inside

Don’t break before you bloom
do not give up too soon
Take those big dreams
and keep making steps
trust your heart
stay the course
allow it to open
your petals to unfold
share your sweet nectar
with the bees
the butterflies
the world
Open your heart
Make your art
BLOOM your dreams

Oceans of Love & Blooming,
Bobbie Jo (BJ) / Kapa Kai

Get ready to bloom with our guided iOm meditation:

(Ocean waves and background music by the talented Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Mahalo!)

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