Sea Inspired Courses to Find Your BEach CALM

Aloha, and Mahalo for swimming over to sea our courses!

I believe life to be deep like the ocean and fun like the beach. These two elements are blended into everything I create and teach.

Swim below and sea which one calls to you!

DIVE IN and get your OM-on!!

Two minutes to peace of mind.

Breathe with the Sea and Simply BE.
Access inner stillness in times of stress with this simple technique.

Use this stress buster anywhere, anytime…

It’s like having a beach escape in your back pocket!

Breathe with the Sea and Simply Be is FREE! (say what?!?) Learn More…


Release doubt and create a meditation practice you love!

Meditation Made Simple as One, Two Sea:
One: Discover more about meditation.
Two: Dive in and find your flow.
SEA the positive effects it has on your life!

Have fun as we dispel the myths and practice some techniques for you to find your flow. Learn More…


Learn about your Chakras Mermaid Style!

Explore the Seven C’s: An Inner Ocean Chakra Journey

Bring more balance and relaxation into your life by discovering your energy centers.

Have FUN learning about and connecting with your major chakras in this inner ocean adventure! Swim over to learn more…


Connect with the Healing Power of Seashells

Seashell Therapy 101.

Back by popular demand! This is where Kapa Kai originally started, connecting with the gifts from the sea! (What can I say, just like Moana: it calls me…)

Swim over to learn more…