Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

Commit to Your Decision

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It can be so easy
to talk ourselves out of a goal
Determined to do something
then rethinking… and no.

Is it wishy washy
or just unsure
or not committed
to what we must endure

The thing with decisions
is sure, they can change
but before that we must try
to see if indeed we want it rearranged

If you’re between option A
and option B
Commit to one
and then you’ll see

If it felt good
and supplied your desire
then you’re set
and the other option you can retire

But if it wasn’t
quite up to par
no need to worry
you needn’t go far

Commit to the latter
focus and feel
If that’s the one- great
if not, recast your reel

The thing is to commit
and give it a go
For if you don’t commit
you’ll never know

Oceans of Love & Commitment,
Bobbie Jo (BJ) / Kapa Kai

Get ready to commit with our guided iOm meditation to make your decision:

(Ocean waves by the talented Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Mahalo!)

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