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Celebrate Where You Are

It’s a new year, and a time many set goals, make resolutions, and swear THIS IS THE YEAR I WILL… Do. Become. Stop doing. Start doing. Make it right.

While all of this is good: reflecting on what we do want and releasing what we don’t want, we often fail to see what we HAVE done, become, and accomplished already.

I had a dream in which I was ecstatic about my consistent meditation practice. However, rather than enjoying that achievement, I immediately started telling myself what I needed to do next (routinely practice yoga, exercise regularly, etc.). See, suddenly the meditation wasn’t good enough… I needed to do MORE.

Then the message came through to ‘Celebrate where you are!’ There is ALWAYS going to be somewhere you WANT to be and more to do… but the joy is IN the journey.

Celebrating your triumphs (big and small) not only makes life more FUN, but it inspires you to pursue those next passions.

celebrate where you are

So in this new year, new day, new hour, new minute…. BREATHE IT IN. Celebrate it.

You may not be exactly where you want (trust me, I’d much rather be wearing flip flops than boots), but where you are is exactly where you are supposed to be right NOW in this journey, so celebrate it! (I’m not in the warm sand, but I am surrounded by my loving family, a warm house, and time to go within and reflect like the sun on the snow.)

YES, shoot for your desires, but don’t let them make you lose sight of the beauty around you. Let the bright light of the star you are reaching for ILLUMINATE the wonderful things you already have in reach.

Oceans of Love & Celebration,

Bobbie Jo