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Blood Moon Message

Early this morning, was a tough one for me. It marked the one month anniversary of my father’s passing.

I knew that we were going to have a full lunar eclipse (and blood moon) around the same time I had held his hand during his transition. I wondered if I’d naturally awake in time to see it.

Ironically, I awoke much earlier, as I did the morning one month prior. Many memories flooded in with my premature rise, creating streams of salt water cascading down my cheeks.

Missing him dearly, I reached for one of my Dad’s old sweaters he gave me years ago. I wrapped myself in it’s comforting warmth, and it offered a loving sense of peace, as if he was there holding me.

I sat up and witnessed the entire eclipse happen. It was a beautiful, crisp, clear night. The sky illuminated with stars brighter than I can ever remember, and displayed a big, lassoed-in moon, gradually being shaded by our planet.

lunar eclipse

As I observed the eclipse, right as it was becoming completely shaded, an uninvited (at least by me) army of clouds came out of nowhere and placed a veil over my moon!

The blood red moon peeked out here and there for a few moments, then somehow these invaders overtook the entire sky. A once bright night was blackened.

I felt sad, wondering why… Why did the clouds have to come? I was on mere blinks of sleep to capture this moment. It went from freshly washed windows clear out, I’m talking not a cloud to be found in the sky, to completely permeated?

lunar eclipse

I continued straining to see my moon. Then that’s when my message came through…

It’s still there.

I smiled and immediately knew what it meant.

See, many, many moons ago (no pun intended… well, maybe a little) I heard Dr. Wayne Dyer say: ‘Moving away the clouds does not make the sun shine, it merely reveals what was hidden all the while.’ I really loved this quote. It made perfect sense.

The message I got here was simply the reversed:

Just because it is no longer visible, does not mean it is no longer there. (hmm, sounds almost like the message I got in my last blog, interesting indeed!). A moon covered with clouds does not make it cease to exist, it only seemingly hides what was formerly visible. It’s. Still. There.

I felt in my heart, that it was God’s way of reminding me just because I can’t see my Dad doesn’t mean he’s not there. Perfect (and needed) message. It came through at the exact time of my father’s passing one month ago. I held his hand as he took his last breath. I have no doubt this morning he was holding mine, and letting me know he is still with me, even though I can’t physically see him.

So, take this how you need. Just because you can’t see a loved one you are missing, a dream you are working towards fulfilling, an answer you are seeking…. whatever it is… remember it IS there, you just can’t ‘see’ it through the clouds. But clouds and veils do get lifted. Keep your chin up, have faith, and just keep swimming…

Oceans of faith and clear skies,

Bobbie Jo

2 thoughts on “Blood Moon Message

  1. I’m sorry for your loss of your father. You must miss him very much. Your blog post is beautiful.
    It is true that there are things hidden in veil that we can not see. And, why is this, we do not know.
    I like the ocean and the waves and the thought that we must ride the waves where they take us.
    Give up to the power of the sea of life and so find peace.

    best wishes,

  2. Aloha Kelly,

    Thank you very much for your thoughtful and beautiful words. They are greatly appreciated. Yes, it is true to ride the waves and go with the flow to find peace. You’ve said it perfectly. Wonderful to connect with you. Mahalo!

    Oceans of love,
    Bobbie Jo

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