Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

Being Important is Being You

Being important has nothing to do with being important.

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Many times we feel to be important, to be significant and make a difference in this world, we must accomplish something great.

However, importance is not doing, accomplishing, or creating the next BIG THING.

It’s not getting the recognition, the promotion, the award.

It’s not something outside of you. It’s within. It’s simply being YOU. That is where your greatest value and significance resides.

Think of the important people in your life. The people you view as significant, perhaps family, teachers, writers, musicians, peacemakers, and so on.

Then think of why? Chances are they did not strive to be someone important, but rather simply expressed themselves and honored their hearts, and that is what made an impact on you.

This great truth was illuminated for me recently when a dear friend passed. I witnessed the outpouring of love coming from all corners of the world, not because she strove to make that impact and to be important to so many lives, but rather that she was so important to all of us, simply because she was being her. Pure love and light. True and honoring her heart.

So, as you swim through your day, remember that our true ‘importance’ in this world, is to simply touch lives by being who we are.

Do not strive so hard for how you may serve to make a difference, rather show up in each moment, and serve by simply being you. That is what makes the greatest impact. That is what the world needs. Pure love. Pure YOU.

Ocean’s of Love & pure unintentional importance,

Bobbie Jo (BJ)