Mermaid Monday Motivational Minute

Be Kind

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Being kind…
is it a lost art?
Rather than coming together
we are drifting apart.

Watching political campaigns
each cutting each other’s throats…
Not looking for solutions,
just wanting to collect votes.

I’ve recently read a poem
that I thought so highly of.
Then scanned the comments below
to find anything but love.

Why is it we feel
the need to be unkind?
Is there no good
for us to find?

We are all sensitive souls.
We are all connected as one.
When we get back to kind
this unnecessary struggle can be done.

So take a deep breath,
and connect to your heart.
And know in this big world,
it is one family that we are all a part.

There is no ‘us versus them.’ There is only us.

When you have the choice to be right or be kind, always choose kind. ~Wayne Dyer

Kindness always wins. Kindness connects. Kindness is compassion.

Oceans of Love & Kindness,

Bobbie Jo (BJ)