Beach Therapy for the Soul

How do you feel when you are at the sea?

When you strip away the layers and set yourself free?

When you let go of worries and allow yourself to be?

When you step into the salt water and allow it your weight to carry?

When walking the sands and a beautiful seashell treasure you see?

What if you could bring this peace, freedom and joy into your everyday reality?

You CAN!

This freedom and joy you seek is not reserved to a seaside escape with white sand beaches.

This peace resides within you.

Reconnect to your peace of mind. Reclaim your power. Reach your potential.

I believe life becomes stressful and overwhelming when we place our power outside ourselves and try to control our circumstances. This can lead to burnout, overwhelm, anxiety and dis-ease.

When we let go of expectations, reclaim our true power and connect with our heart, and live fully from this place, honoring our truth and boundaries, we can truly live a life of greater peace and authenticity.

The ocean inspires us to go within, to reconnect and to remember our truth.

Just like the ocean holds peace and wonder, mystery and strength, you too hold all these qualities, as you are ocean as well.

Dive into your inner ocean of peace and possibility and reemerge the most authentic version of yourself. Calm. Connected. Whole. Inspired.

The Mermaid Behind Kapa Kai

Beach on my mind. Ocean in my heart. Mermaid in my soul.

Aloha! I’m Bobbie Jo, an inspirational writer, poet, midwest mermaid, teacher, healing artist and the founder of Kapa Kai.

Water is where I feel the most connected and ‘me.’ It’s what’s always drawn me in life. That’s why the mermaid represents my truest form of fun, femininity and freedom. Seashells have always had a place in my heart connecting me to this place when I only dreamed of the ocean before I reached it.

Kapa Kai Started with a Gift from the Sea…

On a Christmas day, a seashell I had collected as a child was placed in my hand with the message to work with it.

Thus, in 2001, Kapa Kai was born as The Original Seashell Therapy™. I combined my love for the sea with my massage therapy degree.

The combining of the ocean’s energy and meditation into healing sessions brought even deeper levels of transformation.

I believe everything we seek, we hold within us. We only need to dive in and discover it!

I guide people on meditation journeys that take them deeper within to help them connect to their hearts, to find that place of calm and stillness where all they seek is revealed.

What does Kapa Kai Mean?

Kapa Kai is from the Hawaiian language translates to: Border of the Sea/Seashore.

The beach is a magical place, the bridge between land and sea. The place the tides transform the shoreline. The place offering gifts of connection and discovery. The place of BE-ing.

Kapa Kai carries the Aloha Spirit, embodying oneness and connection.

Kapa Kai’s essence inspires compassion, presence, a slower pace to life (island time), being who you truly are (mermaid tail and all!), reconnecting, and honoring your true state of bliss (free as the dolphins in the sea).

I believe life to be deep like the ocean and fun like the beach. These are two elements I bring into everything I create and teach.

I believe that just as much of the sea lies undiscovered, so too does our potential.

Kapa Kai is about connecting and inspiring you to discover and live your true peace and potential.

I love sharing what I’ve learned and continue to learn, to mentor, inspire and empower others.

Life is very short, and it is my mission to fully show up as myself and to help inspire and guide others to do the same.

I believe that if we remain open and flow with our transformations and life’s changing tides, the possibilities are truly endless.

I believe we all have a gift to share and inspire each other.

Here is my ocean gift. Please receive it with love.

Mahalo (thank you) for connecting. I am grateful for you.

I look forward to swimming with you more in these beautiful, transformational, magical seas of life.

Oceans of Love and Blessings,

Bobbie Jo (BJ)

For those who like the professional de’tails, here are a few:

College Education: ( 4 Year) Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Business (UWGB)

Continuing Education: Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, LaStone Therapy, Massage for the Mother to Be and Massage Doula, Massage for People Living with Cancer, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Hawaiian Elemental Healing, Certified Assertiveness Coach, Transformational Meditation Teacher

A few of my favorite Professional Accomplishments: College Instructor at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay for a few years upon my graduation, Taking out a loan on my car to go back to school for massage, Flying to Alaska for cancer massage training to help my dad, and of course- Kapa Kai!